Secure a Bond in Buffalo, NY

A-1 Bail Bonds & Gist Bail Bonds accepts extra collateral for bail bonds

At A-1 Bail Bonds & Gist Bail Bonds, we provide immediate, cost-efficient and reliable bond services in Buffalo, NY and across Erie County. Depending on the particular situation, extra collateral for bail may be needed to secure a bond. As long as the defendant shows up to his or her court case, the collateral will be returned to you.

For information about collateral for bail bonds, call A-1 Bail Bonds & Gist Bail Bonds at 716-854-2128.

What is bail bond collateral?

Collateral for bail is given in addition to bail money, typically in the form of property. This is to ensure the defendant appears in court. As long as the defendant arrives at their hearing, the extra collateral will be given back to you within 36 hours after the case is closed. On the other hand, if the defendant doesn't appear in court, you are then responsible for the total bond, and the extra collateral will not be returned.

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