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Getting the call that a loved one is in jail is never easy. No matter the circumstances, the next few steps can be uncertain and tricky. Let the experts at A-1 Bail Bonds & Gist Bail Bonds make the process easier.

Our professional bondsman will walk you through the bail process and advise you on the best option for you and the defendant. With our licensed bail bonds service, you don't have to worry about your loved one being in jail any longer than they have to be.

Reach out to us in Buffalo, NY to secure your bail bond today; call 716-854-2128.

Which bond is right for your situation?

At A-1 Bail Bonds & Gist Bail Bonds, we offer you the compassionate advice that you need to get through this uncertain time. Our bail bond experts will help you understand the bond process and find the best solution for you and your loved one. Whether you need a surety bond or an own recognizance bond, our team can help.

Our bail bonds services include:

  • Surety bonds -With a surety bond, a bonds company will front the money for a defendant's bail contingent upon the defendant appearing in court.
  • Cash bonds- This bond involves the defendant or a family member paying the full amount of money to the court to secure a temporary release from jail.
  • Own recognizance bonds - If the defendant swears to appear in court on his or her own accord, he or she can use this bond.

If someone you know has been arrested and needs to post bail, call A-1 Bail Bonds & Gist Bail Bonds to learn about your bail bond options in Buffalo, NY.